Pharmacy Paging Sytsems
Paging Customers Waiting for their Prescription

Using Pagertec’s wireless paging system in the pharmacy will turn waiting problems for customers into increased business for you. Our Pharmacy customer paging system is very simple and convenient for everyone. Hand your customer one of our wireless pagers when they come to drop off their prescription. Then, allow your customers to wander around the store and do some compulsive shopping this way customers feel that they are putting better use of their time by being able to shop while they wait for their prescription to be ready. Trap those potential store sales that may be lost if customers have to wait in the pharmacy waiting area for prescriptions.

  • Improve the time that customers are assisted
  • Benefit from our wireless paging systems with inexpensive costs.
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries eliminate the worry of constantly changing batteries.
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The convenience of using Wireless Pagers

Our wireless paging systems raise store revenue, allowing customers to shop other areas in the store while their prescription is completed. Customers will be alerted discreetly with a vibrating and flashing pager promptly after their prescription is ready, making the pharmacy experience more efficient and enjoyable.

  • Increase store sales with repeated customer visits
  • Eliminate noise with overhead public announcement system & maintain patient confidentiality
  • Provide better customer experience by allowing customers to shop while waiting for their prescriptions to be ready
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