Get your pagers or paging system repaired at lower cost than your supplier

 If you are using guest pagers or paging systems (as sold by Jtech, LRS, HME) and you have pager or paging system problems we can help. Clearly if the item has not been damaged through use and is warranty we urge you to send those products back for repair under their warranty. However, you should be absolutely sure that the product was not damaged by something that is not covered by the warranty, then you are likely to receive a bill for non-warranty work.

The fact is, that if you have a pager or transmitter or paging system that is not subject to warranty then it’s likely going to have high costs to repair that system. Let’s face it until now you have always had to send those pagers back to the distributor or manufacturer where often the costs of the repair can be shocking.


Pagertec solution for Guest Paging System Repairs

That’s right… now there is an alternative repairer that can help you with your (Jtech, LRS, HME) paging system for ALL non-warranty work. Your system may experience misuse, dropped pagers, overheated transmitters or any other damage.

And we will guarantee the repair on you restaurant paging system we carry out for a 30 days – that includes the parts. But the best part of the deal is going to be our pricing. Repairing and servicing Jtech, LRS, HME products through our company could save you as much as 60% of operating costs year upon year upon year. If your paging company  supplier stops selling equipment no problem we have our own paging system at competitive rates.

Of course we would not get involved with a product that is truly under the suppliers warranty, but we strongly suggest that you call us first before you send it back to the supplier so we may advise you on the best course of action depending on the problem.

There’s no point in sending back equipment that is not a warranty repair because our charges and warranty on our repair is likely to be better than what you might expect elsewhere.

We offer maintenance agreements too for all systems that are no longer subject to warranty from the supplier.

So no matter which system you use we will most likely be able to fix it depending on the issue.

Coaster Pager Repair:

  • Glowster & Glowster Plus.
  • Coaster Call Pager.
  • Guest Pass.
  • Adverteaser.
  • Service Pager.
  • Guest Call.
  • Guest Call IQ.
  • Guest Call LTD.
  • Server Pager


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