Fusion By PAGERTEC is the best and most advanced
software for all your waiting queue needs.

About Fusion

Fusion is the simplest and most powerful waitlist solution. Fusion helps improve any
line or queue by going a step further and integrating with Pagertec's Guest Paging System.

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Let's Fusion Your Business!

Give your guests an amazing waiting experience. Our intuitive app is easy to deploy and even easier to use, allowing for a better user experience and virtually eliminating any kind of training.

Give your customers the option to choose between receiving a text message or a pager ensuring their wait is seemless and experience happy, everytime. We all know how important it is to keep your business well organized, and your customers satisfied. That's why we built Fusion By PAGERTEC.

Geared to help queues of all types

Fusion is designed to help improve guest turn over. Imagine a world where your customers don't have to gaze at your staff with despairing eyes, trying to figure out when it will be their turn, or what their current spot on the waiting line might be.

A world where your customers are able to get a quick and clear answer to the simple yet oh so important question: How many people are in line ahead of me?

How Does It Work?

Guest Arrives at Establishment and is added to Fusion:

Guest has the option to be notified by a Pager or Text. 

Customers receive an SMS or Page:

When it's the customers turn Fusion can easily send them a text or send them a page. 

Customers Returns:

After guest receives text message or page they can return to service counter.

Demo Videos

How to Download and use Fusion

Multiple Line Managers

Setup your Pre-Set Messages

Pricing Plans

Why Fusion?

Collect Data

Manage your processes easily and smoothly, save
time and unnecessary costs.


Obtain crucial insights so you can make better business decisions. Analyze your peak hours, amount of customers served per day and many other statistics.

Improve Workflow

Manage your processes easily and smoothly, save time and unnecessary costs.

KEY Features 

Easy Setup

Very user friendly and takes less than 1 minute.

Pay as you Go

Flexible pricing plans that fit your needs.

Custom Tags

To help you search and filter as needed.

Group Notifications

Allows you to notify all customers in the system at once.

Built-in Integration

Integrated Texting and Paging Solution.


Devices Supported - iPad pro 11, 9.7 inches.

Pricing Plans

Every Fusion customer has our GOLD Plan, it offers more benefits and
support to help you succed faster.