Guest Paging

Guest Paging

Provide waiting guest with a pager and allow them to wait nearby stress free.

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Fast Casual Paging

Fast Casual Paging

Give guests a pager while you complete their order, allow them to relax and then notify when ready.

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Server Paging System

Server Paging

Allows your kitchen staff to page your servers the instant food is ready.

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Wireless Call Button System

Wireless Call Button

Give customers the option to alert staff with a button from their tables from a push of a button.

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Variety of Paging Systems for Restaurants

Pagertec paging systems has remained dedicated to developing cutting
edge technologies that support businesses and provide an enhanced
customer experience. We offer a wide selection of paging systems, that
make your restaurant a more profitable and efficient establishment.

We offer simple solutions that streamline communications between guests
and staff. Our guest pagers are designed to delight your guests, enhance
the wait experience and get tables turned faster.

The young waiter shows the menu to two girls
  • Guest Paging is used for restaurants that have certain times and dates with high volume amount of guests waiting for their table. With the guest pagers you can hand your customers a pager while they wait
  • Fast Casual Paging is used in restaurants that require their guests to order their food and take a seat while they wait for their food. With our system you can provide your guests with a pager and call them back when they are needed.
  • Server Paging systems are used in restaurants that have servers or food runners. All or certain staff members carry a pager when they’re needed in the kitchen they can be easily contacted with a push of a button
  • Wireless Call Button system is used in restaurants that want to give an extra mile for service. You can simply put a small Call Button on each table and customers can page their server and let them know what they need.
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