About Ultra Trac Table Location

Pagertec Ultra Trac Table Location System is an accurate Table location system that has helped restaurants provide a better service and reduce
the time for food delivery. We know how important it is for you to keep your customers happy and that is why we developed the Ultra Trac Table
Tracking System. Fast casual restaurants are more popular today than ever and Pagertec can help improve your customer experience.

3 Simple Steps...

Customer orders and gets a tracker

Customer goes to counter to order food and a Tracker is provided at the end of the order. 

Customer decides where to sit

Allow your customer to choose the table they would like to sit at. All they need to do is tap their pager on the table they are sitting in. The Tracker will then appear on a display and let you know where the customer has sat down. 

Look up customers location and deliver

When the food is ready to be delivered, Food runners can easily check where the customer is sitting and accurately deliver the food with our trying to guess where the customer may be.

Benefits of Ultra Trac Table Location

With the Ultra Trac Table Location system Guests are allowed to place their order and take a seat where they like, the Trackers will be able to report back to your staff their accurate location and also give you valuable reports and analytics of your operation. This will allow you to improve your service and keep customers delighted and coming back. So what are you waiting for? Call now at 1.877.593.4545 and see why restaurants all around the world trust us to help them locate their customers.

Up To The Minute Reporting

Can give you a good idea how long your customers are waiting for their food. 

Improve Your Guests Experience

Customers can relax waiting at their table and not have to worry  about not being visible to your staff.

Find Customers On The Fly

Finding customers anywhere they decide to wait no more  guessing where customers are. 

Glance At Your Floor

Easily determine if your orders are being delivered on time. 

Deliver Food Fast And Hot

Customers typically see at least 20% improvement in delivery  times.

Eliminate Reheats

No more upset customers because their food was delivered cold.

Features of Ultra Trac Table Location

Easy Set Up

Get set up in minutes! No expensive and tedious installations required. Never have
to disassemble any tables.

Mobile Devices Supported

See what is happening on the floor from any device. iOS, Android, and any PC is supported.

Paging System Included

Use Trackers as a pagers incase staff is
not available to run food, and save on labor costs.


Log all delivery activities in your restaurant.

Personalized & Branded Solution

Make Ultra Trac part of your brand. Give a tracker that represents your brand, feel and colors.

Customized Map

Upload your own map and customize it by section or reference point so that your staff can easily know where your customers are sitting.

Accurate to the Table

Trackers can accurately scan where they
are and show you exact location.

Map or Table list Mode Available

Look up your customer in a easy to ready Map of your floor or a Table List.

What's Included?

Ultra Trac Table Trackers

Data Collector

Easy Install Under Mount Table Tags

Analytics Software View

Use any device to get instant notifications of your floor.
Instantly see where your guests are located in a table view or a map view.