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Server Paging System

Provide guests with the best guest experience possible with Server Paging Systems for restaurants. Our Server
Paging Systems keeps waiters, food runners, chefs and managers in constant communication and working more efficiently.

Server Paging PRO

Starting at $608.00


Wear & Go Watch Paging System

Starting at $949.00


paging systems for Staff

Guarantee your guests hot food by using our wireless server paging systems. Deliver the best guest experience possible. Our restaurant server paging systems allows waiters, chefs and managers to have continuous communication and working more proficiently. The pagers notify servers or food runners when the food is ready for pickup while it’s still hot and fresh and this way avoiding servers from returning to the kitchen constantly for uncompleted orders.

Eliminate reheating foods.

Get food out of the kitchen faster with the server pagers.

Give customers a better experience by permitting servers to spend more time with your guests.

Immediately notify waiters and servers with the server paging system when food is ready for pick up while it’s still hot and fresh.

How Server Pagers can Benefit you!

With our wireless Server Pagers, your waiters are permitted to spend more quality time with guests while doing some suggestive selling and keeping customers satisfied with great service. This way you will need less servers and be able to handle more tables, reducing costs of labor. Whether your restaurant is large or small, with our Server Paging System when chefs need to call waiters he/she simply presses one button on the transmitter and the server will be notified by light and vibration that they are requested in the kitchen.

Raise the check averages.

Increase the amount of tips for each server.

Affordable Systems and reduce the cost of labor.

Page the entire staff with the press of one button from the server paging transmitter.

Server Pagers will help your operation

With Pagertec’s Wireless Paging System you can help your servers win customers and create repeat business for your restaurant. Many restaurants depend on our server wireless pagers, they are made with the most durable parts in the wireless paging industry and since our wireless pagers have sturdy belt clips that won’t break we have gained many loyal customers. Trust PagerTec® to supply you with the most reliable server paging system for your restaurant and allow for a smoother operation in the restaurant.