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  • Pricing

    Pricing for all stages of growth. Pagertec provides an extense line of products, ranging for all budgets in mind.

  • Quality

    Every Pagertec product is tested in the world’s most extreme industry conditions. We make sure every component will stand the test of time.

  • Easy to use

    Easy set up, set up your system in minutes. Locating guests has never been easier with Pagertec systems.

  • Technology

    In the USA, and throughout the world, our engineers are developing revolutionary new technologies that make our Paging Systems more durable.

Trusted by major Brands

Pagertec is trusted by

over 10K businesses

Whether you need a paging system for table service or fast casual environments, Pagertec Restaurant Pagers provide the tools to help your restaurant.


Pagertec Hospital Pagers are used in different departments like emergency rooms, admissions, and pharmacies to page staff or patients in waiting area.


With Nursery Paging System gives parents peace of mind by knowing they can be immediately be notified if they are needed.


We specialize in customizing systems for different industries. Give us the chance to show you that our paging systems are the best in quality and prices.


“We have used many paging systems before but flexibility that Pagertec has given us has allowed us to eliminate any down time from using paging systems. We couldn’t be happier with our paging system.”.

“Our paging system that we had before could barely call our customers outside of our building. This system has great range! We can reach all of our waiting customers right away without worrying if they were too far to receive the page.”

"It's amazing how much these pagers can take with the anti-shock feature it's great! Some people literally throw these things around while they wait for their food. Working great".

"It does what it´s suppose to do! We like that it is easy for us to teach new employes how to use"