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Guest Paging

Provide guests with a numbered pager, allowing them to wait nearby and without stress.

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Server Paging

Allows your kitchen staff to page your servers the instant food is ready.

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Charging Solutions

Give your guests the option to charge their phones conveniently with them at all times.

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Two-Way Motorola Radios

Two-Way Radios are an easy and convenient way to connect your staff and improve the operation system in your establishment.

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Many warehouses and manufacturing facilities depend on Pagertec’s Warehouse Paging systems. In the past communicating with other staff member such forklift drivers or truck drivers has been very difficult.

Employers and supervisors can easily give a pager to an employee and with a touch of a button they they can be sent Text messages with the information needed for the employee. This makes it a more efficient operation and can maximize work time.

Locates staff quickly.
Eliminates downtime.
Minimizes emergency response time.
Eliminates overhead PA.
Reminds staff of meetings & duties.

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