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Hotels and Resorts

Pagertec’s technology brings your customer service to the next level. Provide an unforgettable stay for your guest with a variety of systems to choose from. Improve communication and crowd management with a press of a button. We provide Hotels and resorts with paging and communication solutions to guarantee a more profitable and efficient establishment.

Guest Paging

Guest Paging is an ideal solution for any hotel or resort environment. This system allows guests to roam around your establishment while they wait for their turn. Eliminate crowded waiting areas and upset customers with Pagertec’s guest paging system. Pagers designed to impress guests and built to last, our waterproof technology makes our pagers more reliable for any operation.


Staff Paging

Staff Paging was designed with cutting edge technology that allows for staff members to be easily alerted when they are needed. Built with a tough and a new sleek design pagers are made perfect for comfortable wear. Customize each pager with vibration, LED, and tone notifications and make sure your staff never misses a page. Lets include that the pagers can receive custom messages to text messages



Motorola 2-way radios offer a powerful and effective tool for any size hotel or resort. Keep your staff constantly communicated and improve productivity. Radios are a key part to ensure an efficient work environment. Solve problems in real time and improve staff response times.


Call Buttons

Allow guests to reach staff with just a press of a button. Eliminate upset customers waiting to be serviced with Pagertec’s call button options. Our Push for service system can be customized to best fit your needs, easily add and program as many call points as your hotel requires.


Charging Solutions for Mobile Devices

Give your guests the option to securely leave their phones charging while they enjoy the amenities in your facility. Our lockers have pin code keypads to eliminate lost keys for guests and industrial-grade materials protect from theft and frequent usage. Charging Stations are also a great way to improve work experience for your staff. Allow your employees to charge their phones while they work, keeping their devices in a secure location.



Pagertec Waitlist APP helps give your guest an amazing waiting experience. This APP was designed to eliminate upset customers that constantly need to check up for their turn. With our Waitlist APP guests can freely move around your facility knowing that they will receive a text message once it’s time for their turn. This APP also gives you up to the minute reports that will improve your hotel’s service.


Table Tracking

Table tracking gives your guests the freedom to place an order and get their food delivered right at their table. Use this system in any fast casual restaurant style in your hotel. Improve serving time and cluttered spaces giving your guest the peace of mind that their order will reach them wherever they are seated.


Liquor Tracking

PourLink is an advanced liquor monitoring solution that boosts your liquor sales. Transform your bars and restaurants by tracking liquor pours through our wireless free-pour spouts. This is a complete solution that compares actual liquor pour quantities with your POS sales transactions to identify where the alcohol inventory is shrinking and if there are any questionable activities.