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Pagertec started out over a decade ago with a small pager repair shop. With dedication and determination, Pagertec was dedicated to serving its customers with great quality in repairing paging systems so that repairs would last as long as possible.
But at Pagertec, we felt that there should be systems that could be offered to customers that would require the least amount of maintenance possible and a system that would not have high overhead costs. Soon Pagertec started developing its own systems with one goal in mind: Effective & Long Lasting.
Now, Pagertec heavily invests in new technology to be able to provide cutting edge systems to its customers at affordable prices. Pagertec has pioneered systems to give customers the best ROI in the industry. With a large portfolio of businesses from all parts of the world Pagertec strives to ensure 100% of its systems are in working conditions ready to be used. Pagertec continues to provide communication solutions tailored to each business for optimal performance

Company Overview

Pagertec is a recognized innovator and leading global provider of wireless paging systems and communications solutions. Does your business offer similar solutions and want to add our line of products?

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Get the latest news on Pagertec and find out how Pagertec is setting a new standard for simple, effective, engage paging and communications.

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Pagertec is devoted to providing our customers with the best technology available. We always strive to give the best after sales support.