StationAry Charging

Charging stations that make it easy for many of your guests to charge their devices on.

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Portable Charging

Give your guests the option to charge their phones conveniently with them at all times.

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Charging Lockers

Easy to use charging lockers to give your guest a piece of mind while they charge their device.

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Specialty Charging

Sleek innovative charging solutions for the best customer experience.

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Pagertec offers a variety of charging solutions that can be used in many applications. When improving the experience for your guests and visitors is a priority one of our commercial chargers may be just the solution.

We provide different kinds of solutions from stationary charging devices to Charging Lockers and Portable solutions that allows your guests to charge their device and keep it with them at all times.

We specialize in high quality products that are made for heavy usage and for commercial places with high traffic volumes, using premium parts to give the maximum life possible to all our charging solutions. 

  • We carry different kinds of charging solutions for all kinds of business. If you are not sure which charging solution would be good for you or your organization please feel free to contact us by email: or simply give us a call at 1.877.593.4545 one of our commercial charging solution experts are happy to help.

    Charging Solutions Offered:

    Wall Mounted Charging Solutions.
    Portable Charging Solutions.
    Table Top Charging Solutions.
    Freestanding Charging Solutions.
    Charging Lockers.
    Other Charging Solutions.