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Charging Solutions for your Business

Tailored Charging Solutions for Enhanced Guest Experience.

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Charging Solutions

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Guest Charging Lockers

Charging stations that make it easy for many of your guests to charge their devices on.

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Stationary Charging

Live your guests the option to charge their phones conveniently with them at all times.

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Staff Charging Lockers

Easy to use charging lockers to give your guest a piece of mind while they charge their device.

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Charging Solutions for your Business

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Your Vision

Variety of Charging Solutions for your business

When prioritizing guest and visitor experience, our commercial chargers offer the optimal solution.
Pagertec offers a wide range of charging solutions tailored to your diverse business needs. From stationary charging devices to Charging Lockers and Portable solutions, our range ensures guests can charge their devices and keep them accessible at all times.
We specialize in durable, high-quality products designed for heavy usage in commercial settings with varying levels of traffic volumes. Utilizing premium parts, we ensure maximum lifespan for all our charging solutions.
We offer a wide range of charging solutions tailored to diverse business needs. Unsure about the best fit for your organization? Reach out to our team at info@pagertec.com or call us at 1.877.593.4545 for personalized assistance from our expert commercial charging solution team.

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