Motorola SL300 Display
Motorola SL300 Display
Motorola SL300 Display
Motorola SL300 Display
Motorola SL300 Display

Motorola SL300 Display


The Motorola SL300 Display Radio is a compact and versatile two-way radio designed for reliable communication in various professional settings. Its sleek and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use, ensuring convenience for users. Featuring a clear and vibrant display, the SL300 allows for easy navigation and access to essential information, such as channel status, battery life, and signal strength.

The radio's built-in technology includes Intelligent Audio, which automatically adjusts the volume level based on background noise, ensuring clear audio transmission without the need for manual adjustments. Additionally, the SL300 incorporates a voice announcement feature that provides audible confirmation of selected channel or zone, enhancing operational efficiency.

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Certified Safe Charging

2 Year Warranty

Fast Charging

Easy to Set Up: Plug & Play

Modern Design

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Display & Menu Navigation

Featuring a clear and intuitive display screen that allows for easy access to radio settings, channel selection, and other functions.

Enhanced Audio Quality

The radio utilizes advanced technology to deliver clear and crisp audio, ensuring reliable communication even in noisy environments.

Privacy & Security

It offers built-in encryption capabilities to secure your communications and prevent unauthorized access.

Integrated Bluetooth

Offering built-in Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for wireless audio accessories and data connectivity with compatible devices.

Voice Announcement (VOX)

The radio can audibly announce channels, zones, and other key information, enabling hands-free operation and increased convenience.

Emergency Features

It includes emergency call buttons and features such as lone worker monitoring, which enhances user safety in potentially hazardous environments.

"Unleash the Power of Communication".

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