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Guest Paging

Provide guests with a numbered pager, allowing them to wait nearby.

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Server Paging

Allows your kitchen staff to page your servers the instant food is ready.

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Charging Solutions

Give your guests the option to charge their phones conveniently with at all times.

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Two-Way Motorola Radios

Two-Way Radios are an easy and convenient way to connect your staff and improve workflow.

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Trust Pagertec’s Wireless church nursery paging systems are a dependable way to help any worship temple. One of the things parents look for when searching for a church is a safe, caring area to place their children in while they worship. Pagertec’s church nursery paging system you can be sure to enhance your churches image. Parents can feel confident that if they are needed in the classroom, they will be discreetly and immediately notified with the church nursery pager system.

Benefit from our wireless paging systems with inexpensive costs.
Call parents anywhere in your church immediately and noiselessly.
Won’t disturb other worshippers like lighted displays or wandering ushers.


Give parents one of our pagers and give them a peace-of-mind knowing they can immediately be notified if they are needed. Using our paging system you can eliminate service disruptions that are caused by display boards or staff members trying to find parents.

Maintains parent privacy.
Allow continuous vibration notifications so parents won’t miss their alert.
Increase child safety, only parents with the correct pager can pick up their child.

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