Vuteq Inc. established in 1965 is a global company from Japan devoted in providing customers with reliable technology and quality in the automotive industry. With over 100 bases around the world Vuteq Inc. is one of the top suppliers in this industry with customers like Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda, Nissan and more.

Vuteq Inc. in USA-Indiana, was using a paging system from a competitor that made it very difficult when it came to support and re-ordering due to communication conflicts. They found themselves frequently having to replace this paging system which greatly affected their workflow. Vuteq’s assistant manager expressed that requesting replacements for defective pagers was very annoying since shipping time and cost were higher than they would have liked.

He started searching for other paging companies that would meet his needs. It was very important to find a system where his staff could easily receive calls on a wireless pager device. After an intense report comparing Pagertec with two other paging companies and analyzing prices and technology he came to the conclusion that the other companies did not meet the requirements he was looking for. Vuteq contacted Pagertec and our sales team recommended that the Deluxe Wireless Andon Button would be the best solution. Our team worked closely with the assistant manager to customize this system and take it a step further by giving him the option to not only display calls on pagers but also the option to display calls publicly on a display to best meet the necessities that Vuteq needed.

Vuteq Inc. and their team are very satisfied with the service that Pagertec has offered them. They have found our equipment reliable and efficient, making a great improvement in their work flow. Vuteq has placed a Deluxe Wireless Andon Button in each machinery station facilitating a way for their employees to reach a supervisor or technical support when needed. In Pagertec we value every customer and their needs. Our main goal is to provide a superior customer service experience and give the best solution by providing top of the line technology and support.

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Deluxe Wireless Call Button

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