Pooler Veterinary Hospital

Do you want your pets to be in the best care when it comes to their health? Assuming your answer is YES and you happen to live in Bloomingdale Georgia, then Pooler Veterinary Hospital is the place to bring your pet. They are a family owned practice that “ believe the best health care will lead to a longer and better quality of life for us all and strive to create the best experience possible for you and your pet.”(https://poolervet.com/about-us/) They provide services such as wellness exams, surgery, dental care, diagnostics, and also have a pet pharmacy for your convenience. Dealing with all different breeds of animals and dealing with different temperaments can be a little strenuous at times, but Pooler Veterinary Hospital makes your satisfaction a priority when it comes to the health of your animal. Among the many tasks that go along with working with animals, some of those tasks require being outside or being away from your desk where you are not able to answer or make calls on the phone.

Communication is so important in any business, but it is even more important in a hospital environment. Pooler Veterinary Hospital was having difficulty getting in touch with staff members whenever they just so happen to step outside of the office. Having some type of system where staff and management are able to communicate quickly and efficiently would be ideal. Most of the tasks on a daily basis require two hands so a system that is hands free would be the best option. After doing some of their own research, they came across Pagertec, CORP. The management team reached out to our Sales team and explained the dilemma they were running into and right away we knew we had the best solution. The Wear and Go Watch with Hostess Transmitter is carefully designed to help you improve quality of service by streamlining communication between staff members. It is a Hands Free device that is sleek and lightweight. It is designed to be waterproof, have magnetic charging, and has a strong notification. One of the best features about the Wear and Go Watch with Hostess transmitter is that it gives you the ability to program preset messages that you are able to send amongst all staff or to one individual.

They agreed to try the system out to see how it works for them. After receiving their Wear and Go Watches, they were relieved to have found something that works for what they needed. Their main request was to have a system that was handsfree where they can simply look at their wrist to see which notification came in. The strong vibration on the watch is powerful enough to feel while moving hands around doing their day to day tasks at the hospital. Communication amongst the team became easier and the workflow seemed to go smoother for them. Pooler Veterinary Hospital are so happy with their purchase from Pagertec, Corp and we here are pleased to have been able to provide them with a solution to their problem.

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