TrackStaff 12 slot Charging Station $variant_title Pagertec
TrackStaff 12 slot Charging Station $variant_title Pagertec
TrackStaff 12 slot Charging Station $variant_title Pagertec

TrackStaff V2 Charging Station (12 Slots)

Keep your staff members in touch and ensure a complete guest experience with Pagertec’s TrackStaff 12 slot charging station. You’ll never have to worry about your pagers running out of energy. This product is perfect for restaurants, cafés, casinos, hotels, stores and many other applications such as healthcare and industry. The list is endless. 


Power input 

DC 12V/5.0A.

Power output 

DC 3.2V.

 Charging temperature

The temperature of charging Should not exceed a maximum of 65°C.

Built to last

Excellent durability and strength.

High efficiency rate

The charging station is a robust and solid base.

12 charging slots

Charge 12 pagers at
the same time.


Setting up the charging station is easy. Just plug the charging base into a power outlet and you’re ready to go.

A jump wire is an integral part of this TrackStaff product. With connector pins at each end the jump wire is used to connect two charging points. In the case of the TrackStaff charging station, the two charging points are to connect one charging base with another.

Pagers can be stacked in slots on top of the charging station and it is highly recommended to use no more than 12 pagers per charging station. It is very important not to use more than 60 pagers per power supply.

The TrackStaff Charging Station is the base for TrackStaff Pagers. Pagertecs pagers are cutting edge technology. Emitting a lot less noise, and enabling super efficiency, TrackStaff will keep your employees on task, improve communication, and lead towards a smoother operation and improvement in overall productivity. We are here to keep you in touch.