Pagertec Corp - 25/10/2022

Are Paging Systems Used in Healthcare?

Why would a hospital or healthcare facility need a paging system? Most people assume paging systems are mainly for restaurants, but boy are they wrong. Facilities such as Dental Offices, Plastic Surgery Offices, Urgent care facilities, Pediatrics, Hospitals, etc. Healthcare facilities are consistently dealing with patients on a day to day basis and the workload can become overwhelming when having guests/ patients coming up to the front desk asking when it will be their turn to be seen. How can anyone complete paperwork when someone is banging on the desk or tapping on the window asking questions about their place in line? It is too much at times…at Pagertec we understand the need for structure.  Waiting rooms are a place where organization is a must and a way to maintain organization when it comes to patients is by using some kind of system for those who are “in line” to be serviced.

The Matrix Stand Alone system is one of the most popular guest paging systems to be used in a healthcare facility. The Matrix Stand Alone is our top of the line Paging System that combines world-class paging technology with freedom for users to be sure they will be paged anywhere they decide to be. It allows staff to assign a patient to a number which is associated with a pager and the patient now has the ability to wait outside of the waiting room if it is too crowded. It gives the patient the freedom to wait where they would like and to assure that they will not miss hearing their name being called; especially for those hard of hearing. When the nurses are ready to see the next patient they would simply type in the number that was assigned to their name and a vibration or beep will happen to the pager that is in the patient's possession. This eliminates the congestion of guests congregating in front of the front desk.

The goal is to make everyone’s experience a pleasant one. With that being said, communication is key whether it is between guests and staff or amongst your staff and team members. As a manager, how do you communicate amongst your team? In order for team members to communicate with each other do they need to be in person? What if there is no signal when trying to communicate via phone? How do you communicate then? All of these questions can be answered by the simple response of, ‘We use our TrackStaff V3 Plus System!’

The Trackstaff V3 plus takes it one step further with custom messages displayed in an easy to read OLED screen to bring the most effective communication system between you and your staff or customers. You are able to have preset messages programmed to this system. All of your staff will have a pager. You have the option of sending a message to one individual pager or to send the same message to all pagers. The message will correspond to the number entered and sent to the pager requested. This allows for your staff to communicate easily and efficiently in a timely manner.

Our systems are easy to use and plug & play ready. What are you waiting for?! Let us help make your job easier.