Pagertec Corp - 28/12/2022

The Benefits of a Food Locker

What is a Food Locker?
A Food Locker is a sealed kiosk that allows the customer to pick up their food at a place that's convenient for them. It is a fast and easy way to order your food and to pick it up in a contactless manner. A food locker, such as The Shield, ensures that the correct order goes to the correct customer every time. This is not a new invention, but it is one of the best solutions in contactless service. The need and want for these contactless solutions have skyrocketed since the Pandemic. Food lockers, or Food Storage Lockers, are very similar to Amazon Lockers, which are found in many stores, apartments, and neighborhoods. Both the size and the temperature of the lockers can vary depending on the type of food locker. Some are able to store the orders at the proper holding temperatures and some lockers are heated and others are cooled. A food locker is a necessity for businesses who are wanting a more organized and systematic way for customers to pick up their online orders.

Why does your business need a Food Locker?
The food locker can work with any food delivery service; so not only would it help those customers who personally pick up their orders, but it would also assist the delivery drivers in making sure the complete order is picked up. It eliminates the amount of time one would have to wait in line. Yes, some places designate one of their staff members to handle the online orders, but that still turns out to be a mess when there are a crazy amount of people ordering online. A food locker helps keep orders organized and maintains their temperature. Many people prefer a quick and easy handoff when ordering their food and having a food locker removes the need to have to interact with a staff member at all. Efficiency and speed is important in any business, but especially in the food business. With high volume online ordering you need a place to put those orders that are ready for pick up, right? You always have the option of placing orders all over the counter or placing them on the floor, but obviously those are not ideal places to keep orders.

How does the Food Locker work?
Many restaurants have made the mistake of not checking the order slip once someone comes to pick up an order which has caused problems with people taking the wrong order or even stealing orders they never placed. By being able to assign a particular bay to a certain customer and assign the bay with a code makes it virtually impossible for someone's order to be stolen or mistaken for someone else's. With a food locker you are able to place an order inside a bay and assign it to a specific customer. When loading the order, the staff can input the customer's name and lock the bay with the last 4 digits of an order number. When the customer or delivery driver arrives they simply tap on the order name that is ready and inputs the last 4 digits of their order number. The Food Locker will automatically open the correct bay for the customer or driver that is picking up the order. Worried about the food locker fitting in your facility? Don’t be, because our food locker, The Shield, is not only expandable but also customizable. The Food Locker is also another way to advertise your business. Think about it; it’s a win-win for everyone.