Pagertec Corp - 07/12/2022

What is a charging locker?

What is a Charging Locker?

Technology has blown up over the years and Cell phone usage is at an all time high. Nowadays, you are able to use your cell phone to do just about anything. Many businesses have integrated the “tap-to-pay” method so cashless purchases are becoming more common. The worst thing that can happen when you are out and about is having your cell phone die on you and not  having a place or charger to charge it. How many cables have you broken or lost? While you’re out it becomes a hassle trying to find an outlet to plug in your charger to charge up your phone. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a designated place to charge your mobile device without worrying about the security of your device? Lucky for you, Pagertec has exactly what your business needs. Charging lockers provide a safe, secure, and designated area to charge your apple or smart mobile devices such as a small table or phone. Pagertec offers a variety of different Charging Locker options which include the following: The MIA 8 BAY Charging Locker, The OREAD 8 Bay Video Charging Locker, the OREAD 8 Bay Charging Locker, The OREAD 6 Bay Charging Locker, The OMO 8 Bay Charging Locker, The UNY Secure Charging Locker, The CUBBY 28 Bay Charging Locker, The ZEN Outdoor Charging Locker and the GIA 32 Bay Charging Locker.

Why Does Your Business Need A Charging Locker?

Don’t think you have enough space for a charging locker? Pagertec has different options that will fit your needs depending on the amount of space you have. Our lockable charging boxes are able to be mounted onto the wall if you rather not have anything on the floor. The great thing about a Charging Locker is the fact that it can be used in any kind of business such as warehouses, airports, retail stores, restaurants, golf courses, hospitals, universities, gaming centers, etc. Adding a charging locker to your business isn’t just meant for your customers, but also for your staff. Some companies prefer their staff to not use their phone and that's ok; a charging locker can help companies ensure that their staff indeed have left their phone behind and it is secure in its own bay. Along with that, the security these lockers offer serves as an added layer of protection for your company’s sensitive data. By providing a lockable charging box, you show customers that you care about their needs and are willing to go the extra mile to accommodate them. For those companies that encourage cell phone or tablet usage throughout the day, then having a charging locker is a special office bonus that benefits both businesses and their employees at the same time. This can help build loyalty amongst staff and increase sales with your customers.

Let Us Help You Choose the Best Option for You!

As mentioned before, Pagertec has numerous options depending on your specific needs and our sales team enjoy finding the perfect solution for you. Charging Lockers are not only convenient for everyone, but they are also lock secured, wall mountable, and weatherproof. Want to advertise your company? Let us help you customize the Charging locker with your branding. We Are Ready to Enhance Your Business, Are You?