Pagertec Advance Replacement Program is an advantage for customers with urgent needs for their product. Pagertec has taken the time and consideration to provide this program for customers; therefore the following Terms & Conditions will be enforced.

• Customers are entitled to one Advance Replacement at a time. The original product must be received before another advance replacement can be issued.

• Expedited shipping requests will be a separate charge. Refunds will NOT be given on expedited shipping fees (2nd Day, Overnight, and International Priority). Be advised that shipping charges are processed when the non-working unit is received using the authorization hold amount originally placed.

• Products will ship out within 48 hours (2 business days) from the time the advance replacement submission request is received and the authorization hold has been verified. Expedited shipping request does NOT expedite the processing time.

• Once the customer has received the replacement product, the original non-working product must be returned to Pagertec no later than the end of the 14th day, otherwise Pagertec will invoice the full amount of equipment shipped. The customer is responsible for any shipping charge to return the equipment back to Pagertec. Any package received after the 14th day will be refused and all return requests will be denied.

Physical Damage:
Any Physical damage found on your product, including shipping damage, will void the warranty. If the product is received with damage, charges will not be removed from your credit card.

Physical damage is NOT covered under your Pagertec warranty under ANY circumstances and automatically VOIDS the warranty on your product. Physical damage consists of any physical alterations to the product. This damage can include any shape or form of corner/edge damage, broken antennas, broken screens / charging stations, and/or transmitters, etc.
This policy has been imposed by Pagertec and cannot be altered or negotiated. Pagertec Corp reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice or consent.*