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Axis Charging Locker

Secure and Charge Your Devices with Confidence.

Reduces labor with streamlined workflows

Ensures that each device checked out is fully charged.

Minimizes Device handling time

Eliminates loss of devices because of assigned user to device.

Eliminates user mix up by assigning roles to staff, managers and administrators.

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Customize your notifications to alert Management of important events.

Fast charging with PD Technology

Customization of charging cables available.

Expandable system: Easy to add more lockers. 

Wall Mountable or Desk Mountable or even with a Floor Stand.


Improve workflow with the Axis Charging Locker

Introducing the Axis Charging Locker , the ideal solution for securing and charging multiple devices simultaneously. With individual charging bays, this sleek and robust locker is perfect for your staff, retail, schools and healthcare related .

Designed with convenience and security in mind, the Axis Charging Locker features an intuitive Touchscreen Locking System. Each individually-secured bay comes with customizable charging cables for maximum compatibility.

Key features include fast charging with PD Technology, eliminating device loss by assigning users to specific devices, and reducing user mix-ups by assigning roles to staff, managers, and administrators.The system is also expandable, making it easy to add more lockers as needed.

The Axis Charging Locker ensures the utmost security and durability, providing a reliable secure-and-charge solution for the devices you use in your business.



How It Works

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Manage Devices by Assigning Devices to Users

Open the Axis Charging Locker software interface and assign each device to a specific user by entering their details into the system. This step ensures accountability and eliminates the risk of device loss.

Log In and Access Locker

Users log in to the system using their unique credentials and select their assigned locker bay from the touchscreen display. Place the device inside the selected locker bay, connect it to the provided charging cables (which support fast charging with PD Technology), and securely close the locker bay door. The LED indicator will show the charging status.

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Retrieve Device 

When ready to retrieve the device, users log back into the system, select their locker bay, enter the assigned pin or use the touchscreen to unlock the bay, remove the fully charged device, and securely close the locker bay door.


Pagertec also provides software support

The Axis Charging Locker is powered by cutting-edge software designed to streamline device management and enhance security. This intuitive system eliminates the risk of device loss by assigning specific users to each device, ensuring accountability and reducing mix-ups.

With role-based access, staff, managers, and administrators can seamlessly manage their devices according to their specific needs.The software supports an expandable system, making it easy to integrate additional lockers as your business grows. Fast charging is guaranteed with PD (Power Delivery) Technology, ensuring your devices are always ready for use.

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