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BestBuy is an american electronic retailer headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota but operates internationally in Canada and Mexico. Its subsidiaries include Geek Squad which is the technical support department for all devices and appliances sold in the BestBuy stores. The Geek Squad team offers a wide range of services and one of the most popular ones is in-store support.

Servicing millions of customers worldwide the Geek Squad department needed a simple solution for customers that dropped off devices and had to come back to pick them up. They wanted a way where they could offer their customer the facility to shop around their store while their devices were being worked on. They also wanted to eliminate the long lines and create a pleasant and flowing system for everyone.

Geek Squad’s priority was to find a company that would offer them excellence not only in the products but in service. They went through a rigorous search and tested multiple retail paging solutions companies and decided that Pagertec surpassed in value and quality. They contacted the Sales Team and expressed their interest for guest paging solutions. They explained they need a system where they could easily contact their guest once their devices were ready. The sales department in Pagertec recommended the Smart Stack Coaster Paging System would be the best solution for them. With this equipment customers could easily wait anywhere around the store while they wait for their devices to be inspected and repaired at the Geek Squad.

Pagertec Team worked closely with BestBuy to meet their request for these pagers to be personalized not only with their logo but with an orange casing to match their store theme. These guest pagers can be found in over 100 BestBuy stores around the country. Pagertec’s system has helped the Geek Squad team provide not only great technical support but maintain the same greatness in their customer service. The Smart Stack has helped eliminate long lines and helped managers have a better crowd control over the customers they are serving that day. The implementation of the guest paging system has increased sales opportunities as the waiting guest are walking around the store generating more sales. If you have further questions on how this system can help your business please reach Pagertec’s sales department at or give us a call at 1-877-593-4545.

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