Aspen Skiing Company

Aspen Skiing Company is a world wide known ski resort located in the beautiful village of Snowmass.
It hosts many events through the year like the X Games, the Alpine Skiing World Cup Finals, the Aspen Music Festival and more. With over 75 years in the industry it has become one of the most popular spots for the ultimate winter experience. Aspen Skiing company has a total of 5,527 acres, 362 trails, 41 lifts, 4 incredible mountains and is home to dozens of restaurants and lodging options that will guarantee an unforgettable stay.

COVID-19 is a world wide pandemic that in a blink of an eye swept the planet and affected many industries all over the world. In early summer of 2020 our offices were contacted by Thom Barr who is the Assistant Director of Purchasing of Aspen Skiing Company. While new rigorous cleaning procedures are the number one priority to fight this pandemic Thom knew that there was much more that needed to be implemented to ensure a safe and healthy environment for both guests and staff. He expressed to us that he was looking for a paging system that can help the different food outlets throughout the resort deliver the food while giving their guests a stress-free waiting experience.

Our sales team recommended Thom our SmartStack PRO system because it can be applied to all different sorts of restaurant styles and environments. This paging solution has multiple alert modes to choose from that will alert the guest when they are needed instantly. It was designed to be much more durable with rubber bumpers that make them shockproof and technology that makes these pagers water resistant. Using the SmartStack PRO will ensure to reduce crowds and long lines and give your guest the freedom to wait from the area of their choice. Thom knew this paging system was a great solution that will help him comply with the health and hygiene regulations while still giving amazing customer service to all his guests.

Today Pagertec pagers can be found in more than a dozen restaurants housed in Aspen Skiing Company. These pagers have helped the resort maintain their doors open to the public while still providing a safe and healthy environment for all guests and staff. Guests ordering food or waiting to be seated can easily wait while still practicing social distancing and have the peace of mind they won't miss their turn. Thom who had never implemented a paging system in their facilities is very satisfied with the service he has received in Pagertec and the results he has seen from using our paging system.

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