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Charging Lockers

Keep Devices Powered Up and Secure with Our Charging Lockers

  Efficient Power For Your Devices

Find Your Ideal Charging Locker

Device-Specific Locker Selection

Discover the ideal charging locker by considering your device's specific requirements.
Select the appropriate charging locker based on the size of your devices.

Capacity Selection

Choose a charging locker to accommodate the specific quantity of devices you need to charge.
Select a locker with ample capacity to accommodate your needs.

Select based on control lock

Opt for individual lockers or central lock system for streamlined management of multiple bays.
Select the configuration that best aligns with your business protocols & user preferences.

Select access method

Select the access method that best suits your business needs. Whether it's touchscreen, pin pad, or rotary lock to ensure smooth and secure access to stored devices.

Uncover Endless Possibilities

Charging Lockers

PRODUCTOS-01 28.png__PID:703be734-661a-4e04-9efc-8f21f966b1ba

MIA 8 Bay Charging Locker

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PRODUCTOS-01 29.png__PID:3be73466-1a7e-445e-bc8f-21f966b1ba76

6-8 Bay OREAD Locker

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PRODUCTOS-01 30.png__PID:e734661a-7e04-4efc-8f21-f966b1ba7625

CUBBY 28 Bay Cell Phone Charging

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PRODUCTOS-01 31.png__PID:34661a7e-045e-4c8f-a1f9-66b1ba7625e3

VOX Charging Locker

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PRODUCTOS-01 32.png__PID:661a7e04-5efc-4f21-b966-b1ba7625e323

ZEN Outdoor Charging Locker

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PRODUCTOS-01 33.png__PID:1a7e045e-fc8f-41f9-a6b1-ba7625e3234f

GIA 32 Bay Charging Locker

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Group 46 (4).png__PID:b4147c0a-2b84-4937-8435-c3a9518f9e43

Our Vision

Variety of Charging Solutions for your business

Pagertec offers a variety of charging solutions that can be used in many applications. When improving the experience for your guests and visitors is a priority one of our commercial chargers may be just the solution.
We provide different kinds of solutions from stationary charging devices to Charging Lockers and Portable solutions that allows your guests to charge their device and keep it with them at all times.
We specialize in high quality products that are made for heavy usage and for commercial places with high traffic volumes, using premium parts to give the maximum life possible to all our charging solutions.
We carry different kinds of charging solutions for all kinds of business. If you are not sure which charging solution would be good for you or your organisation please feel free to contact us by email: info@pagertec.com or simply give us a call at 1.877.593.4545 one of our commercial charging solution experts are happy to help.

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