Clearview Cancer Institute

Clearview Cancer Institute located in the north of Alabama is one of the leading Cancer institutes in the nation. With 9 locations statewide it offers it’s patients the best care and support in one outpatient setting. Clearview offers numerous Cancer treatments, support groups, clinical trials and more to assure all their patients have the amenities and services needed.

Clearview needed a system that will facilitate paging patients waiting for their treatments while helping structure a better customer service. They began using a competitor paging system company and noticed that they were constantly having to replace the pagers due to malfunctioning. The pagers that were coming back as replacements were very old refurbished equipment that would not last very long. This became an issue since pagers are part of Clearview’s daily operations and not having the complete system affects the flow of the hospital.

Clearview began to search for other options and came along Pagertec. Once they contacted our offices and expressed their frustration, Pagerte’s sales team advised that the Matrix Stand Alone would be the best solution. Clearview was happy to hear that Pagertec systems use Ni-MH AAA-Rechargeable Batteries and could be easily replaced without having to send back the equipment to Pagertec. They decided to try out the Matrix Stand Alone and started with a small order as a trial. After 3 months of using our patient paging system and seeing how successful the results were, Clearview decided to make a second order to distribute the system all over their campus. When purchasing the Matrix Stand Alone system you have the option to customize each pager with your choice of art work. Our design team worked closely with Clearview representatives in order to categorize each pager and personalize them to their correct department.

Pagertec has supplied Clearview with over 500 patient pagers for all their different departments. The paging system has given their patients a stress-free waiting experience. They can comfortably move around campus while waiting for their turn, knowing that they won’t miss their appointment. Clearview is satisfied with the technology and durability of the Matrix Stand Alone system and is pleased with the customer service they have received from Pagertec’s team. If you have further questions on how this system can help your business please reach Pagertec’s sales department at or give us a call at 1-877-593-4545.

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