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Product Features

The system is designed to enhance staff responsiveness and improve overall customer and staff experiences.

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Reduces labor with streamlined workflows

Works with any Delivery App (Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, PostMates)

Gives guests a fast, fun, and digital experience

Work with your Website Orders

Minimizes order handling

Allow staff to focus on your dine in customers

Reduces lobby crowding and drive-thru lines

Expandable system: Easy to add more Bays

Eliminates order mix-ups

Wall Mountable or Desk Mountable or even with a Floor Stand.

  Efficient communications

Choose the Deluxe Call Button

Ideal for industries requiring wireless solutions and efficient staff communication.

Streamline Communication

Effortlessly summon staff or request assistance with a simple push.

Enhance Efficiency

Minimize wait times and optimize service delivery for improved productivity.

Elevate Customer Experience

Delight guests with swift assistance and attentive care from staff.

Versatile Application

 Ideal for diverse industries including hospitality, healthcare, retail, and more.

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Improving Communications

The features you need: No more, no less

Our Deluxe Call Button Paging System enhances business operations, ensuring top-notch service and increased staff responsiveness for heightened sales. Tailored to your specific needs, our professional and discreet call buttons facilitate quick, one-way communication across various industries. With Pagertec's wireless call buttons, staff can easily contact specific team members, promoting personalized service and improving overall productivity while reducing costs.

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Pagertec wireless paging systems offer a hassle-free setup with their 'Plug and Play' functionality. When you receive our pagers, they come fully charged and ready to use straight out of the box. Simply plug the transmitter into a wall outlet, and you're ready to start paging. While some systems may arrive with partially charged batteries due to shipping times, we recommend fully charging them upon arrival for optimal performance.

Our paging systems eliminate the need for programming, wiring, or complex installations, making them incredibly user-friendly. With minimal training, new staff members can quickly learn how to operate the system. To send a notification, simply enter the desired pager number and press "Send" on the paging transmitter, providing a seamless communication solution for your business.

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