Demo Equipment 

Terms & Conditions

The Demonstration Product Agreement, in effect as of the date set forth below, between Pagertec Corp (“Pagertec”) and Customer (identified below) sets forth the terms and conditions for the loan of the products listed on the attached quotation or estimate (“Product”) by Pagertec to Customer for the sole purpose of demonstration and evaluation of the Product. Customer hereby agrees that such Product loan shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. The Product remains the property of Pagertec and will be returned by the Return Date indicated below or upon request.

2. Pagertec will loan the Product to the Customer. The Product will be shipped from Pagertec warehouse to the address on the referenced quotation. The Customer is responsible for the shipping cost when returning the Product to Pagertec at the end of the demonstration period.

3. The Demonstration period shall begin when the Customer receives the Product. The Product shall be received at Pagertec on or before the Return Date listed below. If the Product is not received at Pagertec by the Return Date, Pagertec will invoice and Customer agrees to pay the amount shown on the attached quotation plus shipping charges.

4. Product returned to Pagertec must be in the same working and physical condition as it was at the time the Product was delivered to the Customer. To avoid possible charges, the customer is expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

a. Customer should retain the original boxes and packaging.

*It is very important to use craft paper or bubble wrap to enclose product and to fill the void in the carton to prevent damage during the return shipment. Some usage wear is acceptable, however, scratches, chips or other damage resulting from negligence in not correctly packing the Product is unacceptable and may result in charges.

b. All returns must be complete with all manuals, cables, hardware bags, etc., just as they were received. Pagertec will provide a RMA (Returned Material Authorization) number that must be written on the exterior of the box(es) so that the return can be handled correctly.

c. If the Product is damaged due to inadequate packaging, the Customer will be liable to Pagertec for the amount necessary to restore the Product to such condition, or if not restorable, the invoice amount as shown on the attached quotation.

5. The Customer assumes all risks of loss or damage to the Product.