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Getting started is easy — just contact us and a
Representative will be more than happy
to help you get started.


We’ll finalize your order details, set up your payment
information and schedule a free delivery.


Relax and use our easy subscription options,
free product repairs and no long-term

Why Subscribe?

Enjoy the best equipment on any budget, without the burden of relying on credit.
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Flex Subscription Benefits

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to You: We are so confident that you will be delighted with our service and equipment than we allow you 30 days to try it out with not commitments. If your not happy, just return the equipment without any penalties.

1. Premium Warranty: Don’t Worry, You Are Covered! Any accidental or intentional damage to your equipment is protected.

2. Low monthly Fixed Cost: Only pay if you are happy with our service and equipment. This way we can assure the best service. Transparent, no-nonsense pricing with no surprises.

3. We charge one low monthly rate. That's it. Lost or Stolen Equipment Covered: We will replace lost and stolen equipment for Free. (Conditions Apply)

Flex Available Products

4. Includes free advanced replacements: We Guarantee 99.9% uptime and will send out free advanced replacements for faulty equipment.
5. Free Shipping Both ways: In case your equipment is faulty and you need to send it back in to us, we will send you free prepaid shipping labels, and enjoy free shipping back in to us.

6. Free upgrades: Includes upgrades to new equipment to keep your equipment fresh, ready to use, and allows you to benefit from the latest technology.

7.  Free Dedicated Phone Support: If you have any technical questions or problems we are here to help, we provide US based Customer Support.