Little Caesars

-    "Pizza! Pizza!" Little Caesars was created from a young couple who invested their entire life savings into their first pizza store in Garden City, Michigan. The business decision to expand through franchising paved the way for Little Caesars to become the fastest growing pizza chain in the United States and known as an internationally known brand.

The company is famous for its advertising catchphrase "Pizza! Pizza!", which was introduced in 1979 in reference to two pizzas being offered for the comparable price of a single pizza from competitors. With the expansion of their franchise, Little Caesars came across two issues that they needed help resolving. At high volume times they found their lobby becoming crowded with customers who were waiting for their orders.

To try and avoid the congestion of people, customers began waiting outside, but at times it was difficult to find the customer or for the customer to hear their name being called. After conducting research on different paging companies and equipment, they came across Pagertec and reached out to our sales team to see what we would be able to do for them to resolve their dilemma.

They needed a system that allowed them to assign a pager to an order and to be able to alert the customer when their order was ready.  After hearing the different situations Little Caesars were coming across, our amazing sales team introduced to them our Matrix Stand Alone System.

They needed a system that had great range and the Matrix is known for having a 2-mile range (line of sight). They requested a system that is easy to use and our Matrix Stand Alone is a plug & play. An extra that comes along with the Matrix is having the option for advertisements on the pagers.

Little Caesars took advantage of our subscription feature because it allows them to get a top of the line product at the most cost efficient monthly price. The subscription feature allows them to receive fast repair service and any issue they come across using the system would be covered and taken care of at no additional cost to them. “By utilizing the The Matrix Stand Alone system, it has decreased congestion in our stores, improved quality of service, and have provided our customers a stress-free waiting experience.

Little Caesars takes pride in getting people in and out of our store quickly and efficiently and the Matrix Stand Alone system helped us improve the process of getting the correct orders to our customers in a timely manner.”

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