Milktooth opened its doors in 2014 with the goal to provide fine dining and a fun and hip atmosphere. It’s modern patio and unique menu attracts customers from all over. It’s a one of a kind dining experience, set in the heart of the beautiful Midwest that never fails to satisfy.

This stylish brunch location attracts a high volume clientele making wait times to be over an hour long to be seated. As staff began to analyze the situation they noticed that the main problem was the customers that were already finished dining, were taking a long time to get up. These customers were staying longer than expected making it hard for new customers to be seated. Milktooth staff needed a system that could help them keep a constant table rotation and eliminate the long wait times outside the restaurant.

Pagertec was contacted after a long search for a solution. The sales team recommended the Smart Stack EVO Coaster paging system to be the best fit for them. This system has an anti-bacterial case and waterproof technology that makes it safe for constant use. Our team worked closely to customize the equipment in order to function the way that the staff at Milktooth needed. These pagers were programmed to be used as timers that would help mobilize the table rotation in their establishment. The EVO system also has the option to customize the color you wish the pagers to light up when in use. Milktooth also decided to personalize their system by adding their logo on the advertisement area. This is a great option to advertise your brand and give your system a more personalized style.

The Smart Stack EVO coaster system has become a key part of Milktooth’s daily operations. The pagers have a set timer and display a countdown once set at the table. When customers are done a pager is given to them along with their tab. This way they know they have a certain amount of time to finish up. The pager goes off once their time is up, notifying them that the table is requested. Speeding up the workflow and giving a chance for other customers to be seated.

The implementation of Pagertec systems has benefited Milktooth in many ways. Milktooth has a greater table rotation, which has boosted their sales and their customer service has strengthened since the long wait lines outside the restaurant have shortened. If you have further questions on how this system can help your business please reach Pagertec’s sales department at or give us a call at 1-877-593-4545.

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