Offices Paging

Pagertec’s technology is a great option when it comes to improving your office workflow. From a variety of systems to choose from, we can guarantee that we have the solution that is right for you. Whether you need to locate staff or customers, Pagertec Office Paging Systems are designed to bring simple and effective communication solutions to any kind of office.

Customer Paging

Customer Paging is an ideal solution for any office size. This system gives the ability to gain greater crowd control and offer a better quality of service. Simply hand a pager to each waiting customer and give them the peace of mind that they won’t lose their turn.


Staff Paging

Staff Paging for offices was designed with cutting edge technology that allows for staff members to be easily alerted when they are needed. Paging systems that are built tough and a new sleek design made perfect for comfortable wear. Set each pager to best fit your needs with vibration, LED, and Tone notifications available.



Radios ensure that your staff is connected all the time. Motorola 2-way radios offer a powerful and effective tool for any size office. Improve operational effectiveness by communicating and solving problems in real time.


Call Buttons

Call Buttons are a convenient way to improve the communication in your office. Choose whether you would like to call a single device or multiple devices. This system can be customized to add as many call points as needed.


Charging Solutions

Charging Solutions are an ideal way to improve your office environment. Give customers the option to charge their phone while waiting for their turn. Allow staff and guests to charge their phones while they work, keeping their devices in a secure location.


Waitlist SMS Text App

Fusion APP is the simplest and most powerful waitlist solution that helps improve any office workflow. Communicate with customers with a simple text message or take it a step further and integrate with Pagertec's Office Paging System. This APP can help you collect the necessary data so that you can improve your operations.