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Sales, Parts, Service, and Rentals! Since 1943, Peterbilt has provided everything you need for your Trucks and/ or Trailers. Peterbilt Truck Parts & Equipment is a full-service Peterbilt Motors Company dealership, located in Sparks, Nevada.  This one stop shop dealership has consistently represented value, integrity, and excellent customer service. John Phillips became owner in 1987 and has since been committed to earning your trust and upholding PTP&E’s reputation for excellent customer service.

Being such a large company and offering numerous items/ services it is hard for staff members to reach one another. They have different departments that at times need to communicate with one another and using the phone to try to reach whomever is needed is not only time consuming, but it ruins the flow of productivity.

There had to be an easier and more efficient way to reach staff and Peterbilt was on the hunt to find the best solution. Searching for some kind of hands free device they came across Pagertec Corp. After speaking with one of our Sales Experts, they explained that they wanted a system that alerted staff members what department to report to. Something as simple as a button that could send an alert informing the staff member where to report to. Pagertec Corp had exactly what they needed; the Deluxe Wireless OnCall Button. The Deluxe Wireless Call Button Station is a modern, convenient and innovative wireless call point designed to improve streamlined communication in multiple service industries. You can easily choose whether you would like to call from the wireless bell button to a single device or to multiple devices. Pagertec Corp may customize as many call points as needed to work with your system. The call points can be assigned different names and paging devices to which the message would be sent to. Plus, our team works directly with you to customize the system to your needs so the system is plug and play when you receive it.

After receiving their system, the staff at Peterbilt Truck Parts & Equipment were relieved to finally have a way to communicate between departments fast and efficiently. Using the Deluxe Wireless OnCall Buttons has helped their productivity by minimizing the time it would take to run and locate a staff member from another department. Not only the staff are ecstatic about their purchase, but us here at Pagertec love nothing more than to find the perfect paging solutions for our customers.

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