Every Pour Counts!

Track all liquor pours in real time
everyday at any time.

What is PourLink?

PourLink is an advanced liquor monitoring solution that boosts your liquor sales.

We do this by preventing over pours, monitoring every bartenders' pour accuracy, and making sure all your drinks are charged.

Think of it as a mini-supervisor inside each one of your bottles. 


Every year, bar owners and restaurants managers lose billions in revenue because of over pouring, alcohol theft and inventory mismanagement. Our liquor tracking system revolutionizes the bar industry by offering real-time, tracking of liquor pours through our wireless free-pour spouts.

PourLink by Capton is a complete solution that compares actual liquor pour quantities with your POS sales transactions to identify where the alcohol inventory is shrinking and if there are any questionable activities. Our advisors work hand in hand with you to provide useful solutions on how to minimize liquor inventory losses and promote an ethical bar work environment.

Keep track of liquor pours instantaneously from anywhere.

 Unleash bar revenue potential and generate more sales.

 Grow your Bar business by minimizing liquor inventory losses.

 Satisfy more customers by ensuring drinks have a consistent taste.

 Promote ethical bar practices and integrity in bartenders.

 Pin-point staff members that need help pouring and reduce employee turnover.

Reduce employee turnover.

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How Can PourLink Help You?

PourLink enables you to maintain liquor business honesty and drink consistency by letting you identify key factors
contributing towards inventory losses. Think of it as a tiny, error-free bar supervisor in every liquor bottle!

Keep Track of Over Pours

PourLink sends real time information on liquor pour quantities to your dashboard.

Instant Liquor Tracking

Supervise individual bartender activity from anywhere check things like amount of pours, types of drinks poured and accuracy.

Determine Inventory Loss Impact

Identify and counter revenue loss factors such as free giveaways and liquor theft.

Advisors here to help you

Seek expert advisory. Follow key metrics to minimize losses and boost revenue growth.

How Does PourLink Work?

PourLink integrates our cutting edge pour sensors technology with POS sales comparison analytics to provide bar
owners with a comprehensive liquor pour monitoring system. It allows you to take suitable action on time.

Measure all your pours

Collect real-time pour data. Track by bartender, amount, brand, time, shift, and more.

Locate the Problems

Our pour data locates weak points and areas for improvements fore each bartender.

Optimize and Train

Reduce pour variances by training staff— and correcting weak points.


Allow PourLink to keep measuring every pour until your bartenders are rockstars.