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-    “What Is Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Well!” Couldn't have said it better if I made it up myself. A slogan that assures a job well done seems promising enough to want to engage in the many different items and services they have to offer. The Sherwin-Williams Company was first established back in 1866 and they became known for not only having the highest quality oil-based paint called “Guaranteed Strictly Pure Raw Umber in Oil,” but for also creating and patenting the first resealable paint can. The company continued to grow and is still known to be the one stop shop for all your paint needs.

During the midst of Covid, keeping a distance from others was a major concern for management and staff and they wanted to find safer and more convenient ways to complete what was needed to get done. With a company with such high demand at all times, the employees are consistently busy fulfilling orders in the warehouse. Due to such high demand Sherwin- Williams became a 24-hour warehouse to assure the satisfaction of their customers. With the transition of the warehouse now becoming a 24-hour facility shipments can happen at any time. Truck drivers were having difficulty reaching the workers in the warehouse upon arrival and needed a fast and efficient way to alert the employees inside the warehouse from outside. Having someone wait for the truck drivers was not an ideal solution and having the truck driver get out of his vehicle to go and pursue an employee was just a waste of time..there had to be another way.

In pursuit to find a solution to their dilemma, they came across Pagertec, CORP. After reaching out to our sales team and explaining their problem, a solution was found! The ONCALL Wireless Call Button was the best option for their issue and how they wanted to resolve it. The ONCALL wireless call button is a Simple Plug-N-Play Installation, Water Resistant, Small Footprint, One Touch Calling system. The Wireless call button system allows customers to receive service when they need it and has enough range to ensure that your staff will be notified, with strong vibrations or beeps that deliver affordable and dependable communication. Sherwin-Williams have utilized this system by having the Truck driver press a button that sends a signal to pagers that the employees have that alerts them letting them know there is a driver there. They are able to receive a signal anywhere in the warehouse and anyone who is available is able to assist the truck driver.

-    Sherwin-Williams have been using the ONCALL Wireless Call Button for over two years now and are beyond ecstatic about their purchase! It has helped with communication amongst the employees and has provided a fast, easy, and efficient way to alert the staff when they are needed.

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