That’s Amore

The Story

That’s Amore Cafe Italiano is one of Wisconsin’s premier Italian restaurants.It has striven to provide the best quality in their food and service for over 40 years.Over the years this restaurant has become a town favorite where people come to enjoy their wide selection of authentic Italian dishes.

The Problem

As business started growing and more personale joined the staff team, communication became challenging. They started noticing that waiters and waitresses were going back and forth to the kitchen checking if their plates were ready to be delivered. Having this issue resulted in less time for staff to be checking on customers and many times food getting delivered cold.

The Solution

That’s Amore management turned to a paging system as a solution for their restaurant. They tried many brands before they reached the Pagertec staff paging system. Their main complaint with these other brands was the fact that they weren’t  reliable. Many broke down easily and they would waste time having to send it back to the factory for repair. They wanted a paging system that would be reliable and deliver the solution they were looking for. After many different systems they contacted Pagertec and chose the Trackstaff paging system.

The trackstaff system was built to work even in the most rugged environments. These pagers are shock and water resistant making them reliable for daily use. Apart from choosing our Trackstaff paging system, That’s Amore management joined our subscription plan. This plan gives the benefits of our system with one flat monthly rate. Apart from this, being on a subscription gives users plenty of benefits like free advanced replacements, accidental warranty, lost and theft protection and more.

As there are many different brands that can offer the same solution for That’s Amore none compare to Pagertec. They have been able to rely on their paging system to improve the communication between their staff resulting in a great customer experience for all their guests. They are extremely happy with all the benefits that being on a subscription offers because it gives them the peace of mind they will always have working equipment.  If you have further questions on how this system can help your business please reach Pagertec’s sales department at or give us a call at 1-877-593-4545.

Products Used

TrackStaff V2 Paging

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