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The optimal solution for businesses seeking effortless and effective staff communication.

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Effortless installation ensures immediate use once it's ready to set up.

Built for maximum strength and durability that is easy for staff or guests to use.

No software required; setting up call buttons does not require any PC software.

Choose the system that works for you.

Ideal for big venues, including theaters and multi-level spaces, providing coverage of up to 1/4 miles.

Pagers can flash, vibrate or beep to alert staff, managers, employees, and more.

Uses the least amount of surface space available.

Rechargeable transmitters only require charging approximately once per month.

Unique frequency to eliminate conflicts & overlapping with nearby wireless equipment.

Equipment made durable for even the toughest environments.

  Efficient communications

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Streamline Staff Communication

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Customizable Messages

With the ability to program up to 5 custom messages, the OnCall empowers businesses to tailor communication to their specific needs, enhancing efficiency and clarity in staff communication.

Improve Operation

Pagertec’s wireless call buttons are compact, durable and reliable. Provide a personalized guest service, improve staff productivity and reduce operating costs.

Unlimited Pager Syncing

Now Guests or staff have the advantage and comfort of knowing that they can contact a specific staff member with just a simple touch of a button.

Versatile Application

Ideal for diverse industries including manufacturing, healthcare, security, corporate offices and more.

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Improving Communications

Essential Features Tailored to Your Needs

The Wireless Call Button Paging System will improve your guest experience by helping you run a smoother operation.You will be confident that you are providing excellent customer service with improved communication and staff responsiveness, both leading to increased sales.

The wireless call button paging systems are customized and tailored to your unique application requirements.The OnCall wireless call buttons are professional, discr and ideal for quick, high volume, one way communication used in different areas.

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Pagertec wireless paging systems offer a hassle-free setup with their 'Plug and Play' functionality. When you receive our pagers, they come fully charged and ready to use straight out of the box. Simply plug the transmitter into a wall outlet, and you're ready to start paging. While some systems may arrive with partially charged batteries due to shipping times, we recommend fully charging them upon arrival for optimal performance.

Our paging systems eliminate the need for programming, wiring, or complex installations, making them incredibly user-friendly. With minimal training, new staff members can quickly learn how to operate the system. To send a notification, simply enter the desired pager number and press "Send" on the paging transmitter, providing a seamless communication solution for your business.

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