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Oncall Wireless Call Button

The OnCall Wireless Call Button allows your guest to request specific service when they need it. Customize each button to meet the needs of your business with 5 different options guests can call to.

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Deluxe Wireless Call Button

The Deluxe Wireless Call Button gives you the option to call a single device or multiple devices. Getting a hold of staff has never been easier with the option of visual alerts at multiple displays on site.

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Table Calling Paging System for Restaurant

Our ONCALL paging system gives customers the power of service. Gain quickly the approval of your guest when they feel that their service is there when “They Demand”. Use our Single button wireless paging system. When guests need service they press a button which sends a signal to the wireless pager the server has. Then he is notified which customer needs service and what the customer may need. Have your guest wirelessly call their server with the push of a button. Turn your happy guests into more revenue for your waiters, enabling you to keep good servers.

Customers can relax and enjoy their food by not having to worry about calling servers.

Deliver better customer service by giving quick service response times.

Customers can have a manager visit the table, providing better service if needed.

Simplicity of “On Demand” Service

When guests are seated they have the control of their service in their hands with the Table Paging system. Customers never have to worry about NOT having a server near them. At the customers table a “table pager” is placed this is a small transmitter that can have up to 4 button menu, normally labeled with “Waiter”, “Drinks” and “Bill” customers have the option to signal the waiter wirelessly different services that they may need from their table. This can create a much more enjoyable experience for customers.

Have check averages rise and allow restaurant owners to keep good servers.

On-demand service significantly increases check averages.

Easily turn more tables