Matrix AIO $variant_title Pagertec
Matrix AIO $variant_title Pagertec
Matrix AIO $variant_title Pagertec
Matrix AIO $variant_title Pagertec
MATRIX AIO $variant_title Pagertec
Matrix AIO $variant_title Pagertec
Matrix AIO $variant_title Pagertec
Matrix AIO $variant_title Pagertec
Matrix AIO $variant_title Pagertec
Matrix AIO $variant_title Pagertec



The Matrix is our top of the line Paging System that combines world-class paging technology with freedom for users to be sure they will be paged anywhere they decide to be.

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Anti-Bacterial Casing

FREE Shipping

2 year warranty

Easy to set up: plug & play

Add unlimited transmitters

30-day money back guarantee

2-mile range (line of sight)

Free advertisement area


Waterproof IP67

Prevents any damage to the pager by mild to moderate water exposure.

Advertisement Spot

Place your advertisement in the center of the pager. Easily change promotions and advertise to your customers on the pager.

Easily Expandable

The paging system can grow in size as your business grows. Adding pagers to the system is simple.

Bright LED & Strong Vibrations

Easily grab the attention of your guests with alerts that they will not miss.

User Programmable

Change the alert times and the alert modes directly from your system without having to send back for programming.

Extra-Long Range

Pagers can be reached with a potent transmitter that penetrates walls and allow great coverage, more than one mile.


Now you can give users a Matrix pager with a distinct style, whether it’s your unique logo, promotion, branding or a combination. The user can get the most out of their waiting experience. With a premium finish, the Matrix pagers are built for the most demanding environments as the most trusted solution in the market.

The matrix has an ALL-IN-ONE Solution to save the most space possible for a clean look and also has a stand alone charging feature for places that may have special requirements. Whatever your paging needs may be this paging system is sure to surpass any expectations. We have pushed the Matrix AIO Paging System to a new limit, with pagers that are ready to be used in multiple industries. The pagers are shock resistant with the new rubber bumpers that make them, much more durable to accidental drops and falls.




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