Make your order
pickup’s streamlined
and easy for your guests

Shield Food Locker

Picking up an order has never been easier for your guests

Works with any app or your website

Reduces labor with streamlined workflows

Gives guests a fast, fun, and digital experience 

Minimizes order handling

Reduces lobby crowding and drive-thru lines

Eliminates order mix-ups

Works with any Delivery App (Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, PostMates)

Work with your Website Orders

Allow staff to focus on your dine in customers

Expandable system: Easy to add more Bays

Wall Mountable or Desk Mountable or even with a Floor Stand.

Improve your guest experience with the Shield Food Locker 

Mobile Pick-Up Locker
Mobile Pick-Up Locker
Mobile Pick-Up Locker
Mobile Pick-Up Locker
Mobile Pick-Up Locker
Mobile Pick-Up Locker
Mobile Pick-Up Locker
Mobile Pick-Up Locker
Mobile Pick-Up Locker
Mobile Pick-Up Locker
Mobile Pick-Up Locker

Make order pickups smarter and faster for everyone. Pagertec Shield Pickup Lockers makes the most of your staff and pushes the pickup part of mobile orders to the 21st  century. If you are already using the right technology to get your mobile orders from your customers, then you should also consider improving the most tedious part for your customers or drivers that Pickup.

Allow staff to concentrate on your guests and not have to worry about order pickups. When an order is ready it can be loaded into any of the bays in the Shield locker. When loading the order, staff can input the customers name and lock the bay with the last 4 digits of an order number. When the customer or driver arrives they simply tap on the order name that is ready and inputs the last 4 digits of their order number. The Locker will automatically open the correct bay for the customer or driver that is picking up the order.

Pagertec guarantees that drivers and customers will take the correct order with them 100% percent of the time. Making customers and drivers happy every time.

Give customers the seamless digital experience they love by allowing drivers and customers to pick their order in an easy to use self service locker system with our Shield Food Lockers.

How It Works

The Load In

When order is ready, staff can load food into any available bay. If order is too large multiple bays can be set for an order.

The Pick Up

When driver or customer arrives to the store they check the lockers for the order name and click on the name.

The Passcode

Customer or driver will use the last 4 digits of the order number to unlock bay.

The Retrieval

Once the passcode is accepted, the locker will automatically open the corresponding bays. The customer or driver can take the correct order every time.

Large Orders?

No Problem!

You can assign the number of available bays you want for a single order and be able to organize your order without any mishap!