SMA Antenna

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SMA Antenna



 Maximum power – 30W
 Maximum diameter – 13.0mm
 Minimum diameter – 6.0mm
 Length – 143mm
50 Ω impedance
Frequency range 400-450 MHz


Every product from Pagertec contains the finest and highest quality components. Certainly when it comes to cables or connectors for instance, Pagertec takes pride in providing the latest in advanced technology, coupled with the highest quality assurance so that every product is the best on the market today.

The C3 SMA Antenna is a popular electronic component. SMA stands for Subminiature version A and this product is a type of connector widely used in the area of mobile device charging and power supply. These types of connectors are semi-precision, coaxial and provide a minimal connector interface for a coaxial antenna. They also come complete with a screw-type coupling mechanism. The SMA antenna is easily recognizable with a pin in the center and is widely recognized as a robust, versatile, durable and reliable antenna.

Pagertec have made a company-wide commitment to keep a constant eye on improving quality, adding to the reliability of their products and increased customer satisfaction. The C3 SMA antenna is just one example of precision and product excellence.