TrackStaff V3 $variant_title Pagertec
TrackStaff V3 $variant_title Pagertec
TrackStaff V3 $variant_title Pagertec
TrackStaff V3 $variant_title Pagertec
TrackStaff V3 $variant_title Pagertec
TrackStaff V3 $variant_title Pagertec
TrackStaff V3 $variant_title Pagertec
TrackStaff V3 $variant_title Pagertec
TrackStaff V3 $variant_title Pagertec
TrackStaff V3 $variant_title Pagertec
TrackStaff V3 $variant_title Pagertec

TrackStaff V3


Pagertec’s Server Paging System was specifically engineered to work in the most demanding environments with newly redesigned pagers, staff members are easily alerted with strong vibrations and beeps.

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FREE Shipping

2 year warranty

Easy to set up: plug & play

Add unlimited transmitters

30-day money back guarantee.

1/2-mile range (line of sight).


Polycarbonate clips

Strong polycarbonate clip built with better gripping technology to ensure comfort and easy accessibility.

Rugged Design

Designed with rubber bumpers these pagers are guaranteed to withhold more drops and falls.

Water Resistant

Resistant to liquids and water. Prevents any damage to the pager by mild to moderate water exposure.

User Programmable

Easily Change the alert modes right from each pager. Never have to send it back for programming. 

Multiple Alerts

Alerting staff members is made easy with the Trackstaff pager. It can be set to Vibration, LED, and/or Tone. 

Battery Replaceable

Ni-MH AAA batteries that can be simply replaced by the user.

The complete solution for your staff!

Pagertec’s staff paging system goes above and beyond any other. With a slicker design that will guarantee comformfort for all your staff while still providing durability. The Trackstaff V3 comes with rubber bumpers that wrap around the pager helping it withstand falls and drops in the toughest environments. Among all these features the Trackstaff V3 is built with water resistant technology making this pager perfect for any work enviroment.

This system is built to be user friendly with an easy plug and play installation, self replaceable batteries and programming settings that can be changed right from each pager. Pagertec’s staff paging system is designed to provide efficiency while giving a modern look to all equipment. All pagers come with a charging base that is wall mountable giving a space saving solution. Never worry about your pagers running out of battery, the Trackstaff V3 offers a low battery indicator that will display on each pager once it needs to be brought back to it’s charging base.

The TrackStaff V3 paging system can be used in multiple industries like restaurants, hospitals, Doctors office, hotels, spas and salon, manufacturing, casinos and retail among others. The complete solution to connect all your staff with the click of a button. Improve the customer experience in your facility while increasing sales and efficiency.

 Install Cancel Panel Anywhere

Install a cancel panel anywhere and let servers directly cancel the alerts once they pick the food from the kitchen window. The Cancel Panel offers cancellation authority to any staff member.

Manage Call Repetitions

Repeat calls to the server as many times as you need. The pager system is designed to send automatic alert repetitions after a specific period of time. You can also adjust the number of repetitions easily.



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