How Call Button Paging Systems Streamline Communication In Different Industries

Communication is an integral part of any type of team work. Service industries often have to face a lot of clutter in communication due to the non-availability...

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Why Your Business Needs A Paging System!

You may be wondering ‘Are pagers still being used?’ or ‘What kind of businesses are still using Pagers?’There are so many benefits of using pagers and having a paging system and lucky for you Pagertec has the most reliable systems for both guests and staff. Our guest and staff paging systems are solutions to eliminating customer...

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Are Paging Systems Used in Healthcare?

-    Why would a hospital or healthcare facility need a paging system? Most people assume paging systems are mainly for restaurants, but boy are they wrong. Facilities such as Dental Offices, Plastic Surgery Offices, Urgent care facilities, Pediatrics, Hospitals, etc.

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