Want More Benefits?

Easily page guests when their table is ready!

When customers check-in let them know their table is ready without interrupting other guests. Simply hand your Guest a Restaurant Pager and allow them to wait in any waiting area, and then page them when their table is ready.

Reduce the crowds around the hostess stand.

Locate your guests quickly and immediately, whether your restaurant has a loud or quiet atmosphere.

Diminish no-shows and walk ways by committing the customer from leaving to another establishment.

Reduce the crowds around the hostess stand.

Allow guests to wait by bar area increasing profits.

Our Guest Pagers at a Glance

Our pager systems fit your style; If your restaurant has a quiet atmosphere help to keep it that way. With our guest paging system guest can be silently notified with a flash or vibration this keeps the atmosphere enjoyable for customers. Other restaurants have more of a loud and live atmosphere and with our wireless paging system restaurants can be sure that they can contact their guests quickly and efficiently.

Why use Pagertec?

Pagertec’s wireless calling system is a great tool to eliminate long lines. Give your customers a great impression when they walk in to your restaurant. Invite them to wait by the bar increasing your drink sales, knowing they will not miss their turn.

Warranty that will protect your investment for years to come.

Durable Pagers built sturdy enough to endure even the toughest environments.

99.9% reliable: All our pagers have the out-of-range feature this notifies customers they are getting too far from base. Allowing them to always be inside the coverage area.