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TrackStaff V3 Plus

Pagertec Staff Paging system allows for both pre-set messages to be able to be sent or typing a message to a pager from any computer. Keep communication clear, quick and concise; erase the guesswork out of the equation.

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Our PC Paging System helps in areas that need to page different staff members from multiple areas. Paging from any computer in the network is now easier than ever.

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V3 TrackStaff

Our Track Staff paging system is a perfect way to page staff members. The pagers have belt clips for an easy hands free solution.

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Staff Paging Wireless System

With our Staff Paging System you can communicate staff with other staff members. This will allows a smoother operation and also increases the productivity of your staff. Pagertec’s wireless staff paging system provides communication several ways. You can plug our system into a computer and from our own software you can type and send specific messages to any specific or all staff members. This will improve the response time for employees, which in the healthcare field can be a security or even a “life or death” issue. Pagertec’s healthcare staff pagers also allows doctors to be on time and staff to have communication at all times. Our wireless pagers and different communication pagers also eliminate the need for overhead PA systems and help maintain patient privacy.

Locate individual staff members or groups of them at a time.

Effective, fast, and dependable communication with your entire organization.

Send Text Messages to any staff member form any computer

    Easily Locate & Communicate with all Staff Members

    Pagertec’s hospital wireless paging systems are used in different departments like emergency rooms, admissions pharmacies to page other staff members and notify them that they are needed. Various Medical and Healthcare facilities have used our hospital pagers and realized that being able to contact other staff members like doctors or nurses quickly can be a part of providing a better customer experience. Many hospitals rely on our hospital wireless paging systems to quickly text staff where ever they may be.

    Remove overhead paging.

    Locate staff members instantly anywhere in the building.

    Increase staff productivity by increasing your staff response times.