Want More Benefits?


The Matrix Paging System is our most advanced paging system. Its All-In-One technologies saves time and money.


Smart Stack Pro

Established coaster style guest paging system now improved with innovative features to make them more durable.


Smart Stack EVO

Perfect for restaurants with longer range needs. This system is built to last longer than its competition.


Wireless Paging System for Fast Casual Restaurants

With Pagertec’s Restaurant wireless paging system fast-casual restaurants can operate at a smoother pace. Our paging system enhances the guest experience with more efficient service. Take your customers order then provide your guest with one of our wireless pagers. Then they are free to sit anywhere they like inside or around the restaurant. With our Restaurant Pagers when your customers food is ready the food runners can quickly contact the customer with the push of a button. This avoids the chaotic situations that may come with a loud overhead paging system. Our wireless paging systems help many restaurants around the world to locate their guests faster and to avoid confusions and decrease labor costs.

Reduce guests that are constantly worried that they might miss their turn.

48 hours of use rechargeable batteries, eliminate the worry of running out of battery.

Allow your staff to have a smoother operation, not having to constantly give updates to customers.

Cost effective wireless paging systems.

Don't have a paging system?

One of the biggest obstacles that fast casual restaurants face is serving their food, hot to their customers. There are a couple ways that fast casual restaurants are coping.
1.- Hiring a larger work force is an option but this solution can become non-cost effective.
2.- Restaurants are trying to locate their customers is by calling their name on loudspeakers, this can be irritable for customers.

Eliminate overhead paging noise.

Reduce the crowds around the front counter.

Longest Lasting Batteries high quality batteries to extend the life of a pager.

Locate your guest quickly and immediately, whether your restaurant has a loud or quiet atmosphere.

Advantages of our Restaurant Paging System

With our restaurant wireless paging system restaurant owners can rely on a paging system that will be ready to work for them 365 day a year 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Using our wireless paging system restaurants owners can increase sales by giving excellent customer service. Paging your customers when their food is ready has never been easier. Everyday more and more restaurant owners use Pagertec’s wireless pagers for restaurants. Never worry that customers will be out of reach and be assured that your customers will have their food immediately after served.