Todo Mexico

Todo Mexico is an authentic mexican restaurant that has dedicated themselves in bringing a little part of Mexico to Washington state since 1998. With 3 locations statewide Todo Mexico's main priority is to offer the best dining experience to all it’s guests.

Over the years their rapid growth made organization and customer service a harder task. Todo Mexico staff was faced with multiple complaints that food was arriving at the guests table cold, and many times servers would mix up their orders. There was no control over the process in notifying servers when to come back and run the plate. Todo Mexico was using a bell that would ring anytime a plate was ready for pick up. This would create a great deal of noise and confusion since all the servers would rush back to the window and check if it was their plate. The bell solution not only was a disturbance but also made all the servers less efficient since they wasted so much time going back and forth without ever knowing when it was their turn to pick up the food.

Todo Mexico was searching for a solution and found Pagertec. They contacted the sales team and expressed their issues with their servers and customers complaints. Sales staff recommended the Trackstaff Server Paging system as the best solution for this problem. This system is an easy way to have immediate contact with the servers when they are needed. This paging system is ideal for restaurants like Todo Mexico. Each server gets a pager and simply is paged by the kitchen when it’s time to pick up their food. This makes it simple for servers to focus more on the customer's attention while having a free-mind knowing that they will be paged at the right time to pick up the food.

Today Pagertec technology has been a key part in improving Todo Mexico’s customer service and server efficiency. Staff has been able to get rid of constant customer complaints regarding cold food and long wait times to have their order delivered. The Trackstaff system is an important part to maintain a great workflow and organization in the restaurant. If you have further questions on how this system can help your business please reach Pagertec’s sales department at or give us a call at 1-877-593-4545.

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