Wear & Go Watch Paging System
Wear & Go Watch Paging System
Wear & Go Watch Paging System
Wear & Go Watch Paging System
Wear & Go Watch Paging System
Wear & Go Watch Paging System
Wear & Go Watch Paging System

Wear & Go Watch Paging System


ForeStaff Watch Paging System is carefully designed to help you improve quality of service by streamlining communication between restaurant kitchen staff, management, and wait staff members. Actively communicate with anyone you want in your restaurant. ForeStaff Watch Paging System is an ideal server pager that helps you serve customers quickly, improve staff response time, manage workload effectively and respond to any situation swiftly through quick messaging.

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2 year warranty

Easy to set up: plug & play

Add unlimited transmitters

30-day money back guarantee.

1/2-mile range (line of sight).


Streamline Restaurant Communication

Easily send concise messages and pre-programmed alerts to restaurant staff members and servers. Experience the convenience of streamlined communication to improve your restaurant services and boost team coordination.

Improve Service Quality

Minimize kitchen visits for servers. Easily notify the servers when the order is ready and help them visit the kitchen only when needed. Save time, be more efficient and ensure best service quality.

Forget Compromising

Inform your individual servers or all staff members about anything easily. Notify the desired person carrying the watch pager without any interruption.

Best Notification Experience

TrackStaff Watch Paging System sends strong vibrations and beeps that alert the staff members without disrupting the restaurant’s ambiance. Turn your occasional visitors into regular customers with TrackStaff Watch Paging System.

Take Control of Work Load

Notify servers from where they are being called from. Add multiple transmitters and call your servers from anywhere directly into the main kitchen, secondary kitchen, host stand, front desk or restaurant bar for managing multiple tasks at a time.

Improve Staff Response

Get things done in a matter of seconds! Immediately notify the servers to clear the tables when the guests have left. Allow quick order taking and swift guest service with this effortless waiter server paging system.

Wear and Go Watch Pager

The TrackStaff Watch Paging System features an innovative charging dock, a strap on watch pager and a powerful transmitter for the best communication. Restaurant servers can simply wear the watch and receive messages from chefs, kitchen managers and other restaurant personnel. Multiple transmitters can be set up and anyone with the transmitter can simply press one button corresponding to the desired watch pager.

Customize your Communication With PagerTec

Send concise, customized messages to servers, staff members and management. PagerTec team works closely with you to configure every server pager according to your needs.

Pagertec will send the entire equipment pre-programmed, so you can start using your server paging system right out of the box. You can use it to send an individual page or messages as well as group messaging for dispersing important alerts to all staff members quickly and easily.

Save time, communicate freely and reach the apex of productivity with the TrackStaff Watch Paging System.

 Install Cancel Panel Anywhere

Install a cancel panel anywhere and let servers directly cancel the alerts once they pick the food from the kitchen window. The Cancel Panel offers cancellation authority to any staff member.

Manage Call Repetitions

Repeat calls to the server as many times as you need. The pager system is designed to send automatic alert repetitions after a specific period of time. You can also adjust the number of repetitions easily.



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