Fredrico’s Pizza

Fredrico’s Pizza has been serving the Cache Valley community for over 60 years. Famous for its pizza, salads, and garlic bread this restaurant has become a local favorite for many. Also located near Utah State University Fredrico’s has become a famous spot for students and families attending campus.

Such high volume of customers makes delivering food to each table a very difficult task. Many customers started complaining about mistakes on their orders and many times food arriving cold. Their first solution was giving each customer a paper number that was placed on each table and once the food was ready waiters would try to find them. This system still made it very difficult since many times the numbers were placed incorrectly or people standing would block the waiter's sight.

Staff at Fredrico’s knew they needed to find a better solution for the way they were delivering food to their customers. That is when Pagertec was contacted and the sales team recommended the Ultra Trac Table Tracking system. This system allows for customers to order their food and sit anywhere they would like in the restaurant. Once at the table customers can tap their pager on the table top sticker provided, sending a signal to the staff and notifying them of the location of the customer. Once the food is ready, food runners can easily look up the customers location on the display where the corresponding customer is seated and accurately deliver their order.

The Ultra Trac Table Tracking system has been a game changer for Fredrico’s. This solution helped improve their customer service. Staff no longer needs to worry about guessing where customers are seated or mixing up orders. Customers can now receive their order faster and food runners can avoid having to go back to the kitchen to reheat food.

The Ultra Trac Table Tracking system also has given the facility for Fredrico’s manager to see orders on his mobile device. He has been able to have a pulse on orders at all times and check if the orders are being delivered on time. Ultra Trac has helped Fredrico’s staff analyze the daily activities of the restaurant. This system has enhanced their customer’s experience by letting them wait at their table without worrying about if they are being visible to waiters running the food.

Fredrico’s staff loves the trackers! The Ultra Trac Table Trackers have also doubled as a paging system giving them an additional way to gain crowd control. They have expressed interest in implementing Ultra Trac in their other locations. If you have any further questions on how this system can help your business please reach Pagertec’s sales department at or give us a call at 1-877-593-4545.

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